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We support a national movement that is pioneering what was formally known as "home-based primary care". This practice has created a new job role with benefits and advantages available nowhere else in the medical profession.

Your clinical interactions are determined by the needs of each patient, not the time allotted by an appointment book. You spend as little or as much time with each patient as medically necessary, giving real meaning to the notion of "patient-centered" care.

Scheduling is quite flexible, and our compensation based strictly on productivity, the clinical income of our medical staff adjusts automatically to their preferred work schedule.

Clinicians willing to work hard will easily earn up to 25% more income compared to primary care colleagues working in similar communities.

Clinicians looking for a better balance between professional commitments and personal/family interests will find that our practice accommodates, and even encourages, a greater degree of flexibility than is possible in any other job.

Mobile Medical Office helps to extend your practice reach.

We provide you with the MD TealBag, a complex portable tool allowing you to perform point-of-care complete blood count, urinalysis, biochemistry analyses (up to 27 parameters), rapid infection detection, thyroid tests, an electrocardiogram, and ultrasound. It also enables you to measure vitals and take high-quality pictures of the skin, eardrums, or pharynx. All devices are Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved and Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)-waived. All blood tests are obtained by finger stick sampling. You can perform most of the lab and instrument tests yourself and be reimbursed for doing them.

All test results automatically populate patient charts in the Mobile Medical Office (MMO) electronic health record (EHR) system. Our EHR is extremely user-friendly and specifically tailored to documenting home visits. The MMO EHR has built-in billing software to reduce mistakes and maximize physician’s reimbursement. We provide free training for physicians on how to use the MMO hardware and software.

If you are not comfortable traveling you can provide tele-consultations. Medical Mobile Office allows traveling nurses to make home visits under physician’s supervision making use of telemedicine.

We are developing a primary care residency program specializing in home-based primary care. Residents make home visits under tele-supervision of their professors. Residents will obtain the skills and knowledge enabling them to start their own practice the day after

TealTech Mobile Medical Office