Reinventing the medical office

In the near future, we will see a new type of medical office, where scheduling, data collection, reporting, billing, analytics and other parts of the electronic health record (EHR) system are cloud based. The latest information on standards of care and drugs and their interactions is imbedded into the EHR system, which serves as a decision-making support tool. Diagnostic devices are lightweight and portable and provide immediate test results. Care is personalized and provided in the comfort of a patientís home. With all of the above, medical mistakes will be reduced and primary care taken to the next level.


  Teal Bag consists of:
Biochemistry analyzer for up to 27 parameters
Complete blood count device
Urinalysis device
Lipid rapid panel and glucose meter
Influenza A and B, adenovirus, and group A strep analyzer
Cardiac arrest markers analyzer
HIV, hepatitis B virus, and sexually transmitted disease stripe tests
PC-based 12-channel electrocardiography machine
Pulse oximeter
PC-based blood pressure monitor and medical scale
High definition medical multifunctional camera, with a dermatoscope, otoscope, and laryngoscope
Hand-held ultrasound machine
PC with electronic health record softwar
Flexible platform, which allows the addition of new peripheral devices devices

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