• Professional medical care in the comfort of your home
  • On-site laboratory tests
  • Test results ready in 15 minutes
  • Second opinion is always welcomed
  • Patient’s opinion matters
  • Devices for self and remote monitoring provided
  • Secure chat with your doctor
  • In-network with major health plans
  • Extending practice reach
  • Managing work/life balance
  • Enables ER patient intercept
  • Ideal for Personalized & Concierge medicine
  • Starting private practice while in residency
  • POC testing increases doctor’s efficiency and income
  • Time-saving health records management and automated billing
  • Experienced doctors teach residents in the comfort of their home/office


  1. Mobile APP/phone call/web-site request   2. Cloud/Call Center

We will be ready to deliver services in 2018. Please here to PRE-ORDER info@tealtechmmo.com

We clarify what type of service you need: Tele - consultation? Home visit? Lab test or other examinations? Wellness visit?

We check your insurance and clarify the cost of the service for you. Generally you will pay your standard office visit co-pay.

  3. Doctor is on the way   4. Visit and on-site tests

Schedule a visit. The doctor is on the way! We also provide same day visits. We visit you at home, in the hotel or at your workplace.

Track your doctor’s car.

Doctors come prepared with all the necessary instruments to perform an examination and numerous diagnostic tests.

Complete examination, tests, treatment plan and prescriptions at your place.

Get your health checked. Discuss the symptoms and test results during the same visit. Treat the condition.

Your doctor prepares a personalized plan for you at the end of the visit, including establishing a diagnosis, making recommendations, prescribing the appropriate medications, and providing resources for additional reading.

  5. Secure chat and follow-up   6. Feedback

Still have questions? Symptoms have become worse? Your Care Coordinator and doctor are available to talk using secure, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant “Chat.”

We offer follow-up televisits. If you are doing well, you do not need to spend money on inviting your doctor for a repeat visit. Just use self-monitoring and tele-consultation.

We provide easy-to-use tools for self- monitoring, that will help your doctor to get objective and accurate information about your health.

We bring a customer-satisfaction approach from other industries to primary healthcare. Your feedback helps us build a primary care service that better meets your needs. We encourage you to rate our doctors, nurses, and services. We promise to seriously consider all of your feedback.

Use us as your primary care provider. Continue seeing the same doctor for all of your primary and urgent care needs. You can also invite your current primary care physician or family doctor to become one of our visiting doctors.


  • We come prepared: the specialist that comes to you is the one with expertise in your specific health problems
  • We come fully equipped and bring the lab and diagnostic devices to you
  • We perform on-site tests using Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved point-of-care diagnostic devices and discuss the results with you in 15 minutes
  • We bring medicines to your house and start treatment immediately
  • We give you monitoring devices and a means of communication to stay in touch with your doctor
  • We are affordable

  TEAL TECH MMO   Tel: (858) 436-2199

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